Do You Need Help with Your Fellowship Application IMG?

professional help with img fellowship applicationAll doctors and even dentists have to go through a period of graduate training before they will become licensed to practice in their own right. This will start with a residency place which will allow them to get all of the experience that they need within their specialist area. Should you wish to further specialize in a subspecialty then you may want to continue your training through a fellowship.

An IMG fellowship can be harder to get as you will have gained your initial education and even your previous training outside of the US. An IMG is an International Medical Graduate and this can include US citizens that have chosen to study overseas as well as those that were born overseas. Often your initial degree may not be recognized and this can cause some issues with being allowed to train further.
Our ERAS application for IMG support has been helping applicants for many years. Whether you are looking for an IMG fellowship without residency training in the US or have already been through the process our experts can help you. Our experts fully understand the process and can help you with all of your requirements to boost your chances of being accepted.

Our Specialists Are Qualified to Support Your IMG Fellowship Application

assistance with medical fellowship admissionAn IMG application is not something that just anyone is able to help you with. Without a full understanding of your specialist area and the application process, they would not be able to provide you with the level of support that you are going to need. We have been providing our support for many years and have been steadily building our team of experts. We have a large pool of specialists that allows us to provide our help through an expert that is:

  • Highly qualified and experienced within your medical specialty
  • Highly experienced with helping with all aspects of application to fellowship for IMG
  • Fully understands the ERAS application process
  • Knows what individual programs are seeking from your application
  • Has the perfect English language skills required to make your application stand out

How Can Our IMG Services Help You?

We offer a full range of services to help with application to fellowship for international medical graduates. All of our help is offered through direct communication with our experts to allow them access to the specific information that the program will be seeking. The better that your application meets their needs the more likely you are to be chosen. Our specialists always carefully tailor their support to your own very specific needs and can help with all aspects of your application:

Writing your personal statement residency internal medicine IMG

Your internal medicine personal statement IMG or for any other specialty must be carefully written to not only show that you have a real passion for this field. It must clearly show that you have everything that the admissions committee will be looking for. With most of your competition being as well qualified as you, there is a real need for your personal statement to be outstanding. It needs to be able to fully grab the attention of the reader and to make you impossible to forget. Achieve this with our help and you will have a much greater chance of selection.

IMG resume writing

Just as applying for a job your resume must be able to present the specific information that the program will want to see in a concise and obvious manner. They are not going to search through a cluttered resume to find information that they are looking for. Our experts know how to present you through your resume in a way that will clearly show that you have the precise qualifications and experience that they are seeking.

IMG letters of recommendation

A good letter of recommendation can go a long way towards helping an applicant get selected. Our letter writers fully understand the areas that need to be covered and can work with you to get all of the information required to craft a truly effective letter. Whether you are applying for direct fellowship without residency or a hard to get into subspecialty our experts can support you fully in this area.

Editing and proofreading help

No matter what document you are submitting it must present you perfectly. Poorly written and mistake-laden documents will give a very poor first impression and provide the committee with the excuse they need to choose another. Your work must always be of the best possible standard. Our expert proofreaders and editors can work through all of your documentation to make sure that it will not let you down.

We Can Help You to Apply to the Best IMG Fellowship Programs

img application process help

Our experts are highly skilled at what they do and have provided successful support to many IMG applicants over the years in your specialty area. They can help you with not only ensuring that your documentation is up to scratch but also with selecting FMG programs that you are most likely to be accepted onto. Some programs are simply more likely to accept foreign medical graduates or IMGs than some others. The following are some of the places where IMGs are more likely to be accepted:

  • New York
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Ohio

To boost your chances of success, simply get in touch with our professional and reliable IMG fellowship support!